Fiba Team Canada Qualifying Tournament

The FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament will be Canada’s final attempt at qualifying for the 2016 Olympic games. Here’s how it will all work out. A total of 18 teams will split into 3 separate last chance tournaments. 6 teams per tournament. The 3 winners of those tournaments go to the Olympics.

This replaces the old system of holding one 12-team qualifying tournament, from which the top 3 teams went on to play in the Olympics.

Here is a breakdown of which teams will be participating in the OQT:

Africa: 3 (Angola, Tunisia and Senegal)
Americas: 3 (Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico)
Asia: 3 (2nd to 4th from 2015 FIBA Asia Championship)
Europe: 5 (3rd through 7th from EuroBasket 2015)
Oceania: 1 (New Zealand)
OQT hosts: 3 (TBD)

Canada does not have to beat out 17 other teams. They just have to beat the other 5 in their tournament. A reasonable feat depending on who the 5 other teams will be. The grouping of the 3 separate tournaments is still TBD. The FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament will start on July 5, 2016.

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