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1 – Kawhi Lenoard – 24 years old. Restricted free agent and San Antonio will probably match any offer. I can still dream though. Twenty four year old, Kawhi has a full skill set. Can defend, steal, shoot, drive, dunk. He is one of the best perimeter defenders I have ever seen. 2014 NBA finals MVP as well.

2 – Thaddeus Young – 27 years old. Would be a good fit at the four spot with the new style of run and gun basketball. Can shoot and defend. Would love to have this guy in a Raptors uniform.

3 – David West – 34 years old but can still be effective. Would only want him on a short deal at a reasonable cost.

4 – DeAndre Jordan – 26 years old. This is another one that we have close to zero percent chance of landing. He will probably have multiple max offers.

5 – Danny Green – 28 years old – Played under Popovich for years. Amazing 3 point shooter. Good defender, smart basketball IQ, can block shots. Tons of palyoff experience. Would be a nice fit with the raps.

6 – Tobias Harris – 23 years old and restricted free agent so would be difficult to snag him. Lot of upside.

7 – Andrea Bargnani – Hah!! Just joking

7 – Imon Shumpert – 25 years old. Restricted free agent but Cleveland doesn’t have much cash to spare assuming they hold onto the big 3. Maybe could get him in the 4-5 mil/year range. Worth it for a player that played well all playoffs and has experience going to the NBA finals.  However, there is some buzz that Cleveland won’t get Love.  If they don’t I would imagine they will find a way to get another key player to create a new big three.  Either way, I feel Shumpert could be a good piece to help build around.

8 – KJ McDaniels – 22 years old. RFA for Houston. Has shown good upside. Originally a second round draft pick (32) but amazing shot blocker and also has decent offensive skill set. Could use improvement on his shot but at 22 years old he definitely has huge upside.

9 – Paul Milsap – 30 years old. Played incredible all season long and is probably the best replacement upgrade at the four spot we could make. He is probably a max contract guy though so not sure if he is (A) Available and (B) worth a max contract. At 30 years old he has probably already peaked. Not that he isn’t going to be a great player for years to come but he will be on the decline.

10 – Kevin Garnett – 38 years old. Getting swept by Washington indicated to me we didn’t have the veteran leadership. Garnett is probably the closest thing to a Charles Oakley we could get. His work ethic would be a nice bonus to show the younger players.

11 – Ed Davis – 26 years old. Again, shot blocking. Something the raptors lack is that interior intimidation. Davis is fast and a good age to grow with this team. His shot sucks but have him out there with Patterson and we can still effectively spread the floor. Sign him back!

12 – Cory Joseph – 23 years old. RFA with S.A. so might be hard to get for good value. However, he has played under Popovich and he has won a NBA championship. The fact he is Canadian is a nice bonus.

13 – Brandon Wright – 27 years old. This guy is huge and is an excellent defender. Can’t shoot but is young and athletic. He has nice upside.

14 – Lou Williams – Love the guy but it depends on how much we would have to pay. I think more than 8 million per year is too much. If we can get him at 5-7 mil/season then let’s do it. I have a feeling he will get 8+ million on the open market though so good chance he is gone unless we want to pay that much.

15 – Kevin Seraphin – 25 years old. Good defender and young. Has potential in my opinion and could probably get him at a below market value price. Worth a flyer.

Other – LaMarcus Aldridge – 29 years old.  I put him under other as I don’t see him coming to the Raptors this season.  He is listed by as the top free agent this summer.  He has expressed interest in going to the Lakers, New York and Dallas.  I would love to see him as a Raptor.  The irony is he is the player that we should have drafted instead of Bargnani.  Such a shame.

What are your thoughts?  Any other players you would like to see the Raptors target in free agency?


  • Johnnyblack says:

    I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing McDaniels with the raps. Dude is an excellent defender and can spread the floor and guard multiple positions. If you can steal him for 2 years and let him play. He’ll be fine

  • admin says:

    I agree! Would have been nice to see us get McDaniels. I really liked him while he was playing in Philly. Then again, with the system they played, they made a lot of players look good but didn’t win many games. He’s signed now at a reasonable contract so we lost out on him which is too bad. But overall I’m very happy with the moves they have made. What I’m really hoping for now is a trade for Faried.

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